Kitchen Worktops

When choosing your kitchen worktop there are many things to take into consideration e.g durability, maintenance. Their style and colour chosen can determine the attractiveness of the kitchen. Here we discuss the common styles available.

Laminate worktops

This type of worktop is made up of layers of chipboard core combined together. Laminate worktops are less expensive than solid wood or stone, but can replicate the effect of granite, marble, and other natural materials. They are easily cleaned and are available in a large quantity of colours.

Solid timber worktops

Solid wood worktops add a natural look in a kitchen. One of the advantages of solid worktops is that they can be re-sanded and re-oiled if damaged. These worktops need to be maintained from year to year – the re-oiling leaves them looking like new again. When using solid timber many different designs can be achieved and these worktops are available to us in many colours including oak, walnut and beech.

Stone worktops

Granite is one of the most popular natural stones on the market and is a very popular work surface in many kitchens. With its durability and large availability of colours it ensures a uniqueness not found in many stones. It has many advantages e.g. heat resistant, easily cleaned and it’s waterproof. For more information visit