FEB 12, 2014

What you need to know before choosing granite worktops

For many, granite kitchen countertops are the height of opulence. If you choose to anoint your kitchen or bathroom with such splendour, you’re guaranteed to have a surface that’s sublimely durable and exquisitely pleasing on the eye.

Granite worktops make an instant impression, and add value to your property. Given the emphasis placed on the kitchen as the heart of the home, decorating your home with granite will surely increase its value and appeal – if the time comes when you decide to sell. Marble adorned in the bathroom will allow you to relax in a comforting and sophisticated environment.

An exceptionally durable material, granite will last a lifetime. When choosing a design, colour and style it’s important to do so with care and consideration. Always make sure that any granite that you choose complements the existing decor of the room – you’re going to have to live with it for a long time.

One of the most appealing qualities of granite is that it each piece can be cut to a bespoke shape to suit the size and shape of your environment. The material is very easy to clean. Any spillages will vanish with a mild soap, detergent and splash of warm water. Once the spillage has been cleared then you need just use an absorbent towel to clear any liquid. This will prevent staining.

The use of a chopping board or working top is essential with granite worktops. Granite is neither stain nor scratch resistant. To maintain the integrity of the surface you need to place surfaces on top of the granite. Similarly don’t place a hot plan on the granite. This will cause the material to stain over time.

Before purchasing granite countertops it’s important to bear in mind that regular cleaning and sealing is essential to maintain the integrity of the surface. Granite should be sealed every six months. By sealing the granite worktops you’ll reduce the risk of the material becoming stained and scratched. If you’re not sure whether or not the time has come to seal granite, simply place a clean cloth on the surface then leave it for a few minutes then remove it. Should a clear mark be visible then you’ll need to re-seal the granite.

Granite worktops are expensive, but for good reason. Provided that they are appropriately cared for they will serve you well for years to come – not to mention impressing any guests that come to your home.

Created on 12th February 2014
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