NOV 19, 2013

Top Bedroom Design Tips

Your bedroom should be a place of peaceful seclusion. A place designed to promote restful sleep. Doctors agree that alongside emotional and physical disturbances the environment that you choose to rest your head is one of the biggest contributory factors to poor sleep patterns. Enjoying the use of a well-designed, relaxing bedroom retreat is paramount for healthy living.

Whether building a new home, or remodelling your bedrooms, you have the opportunity to create a bedroom space that is both a relaxing place to get some sleep and a wonderful living space to be enjoyed.

Homeowners desire open plan and spacious bedrooms. Cathedral ceilings, large his and hers walk-in closets and en-suite bathrooms are also highly desired. Interior design forecasters have predicted that our desire for space and open homes is set to continue, and as such all bedrooms will be designed to reflect this.

Today, an increasing amount of people desire quick and easy living. This changing in attitudes has affected what we consider to be necessary and what we consider to be luxuries for our home.

Increasingly, mini refrigerators and pop-up television cabinets are becoming increasingly prominent in homes across the UK. Moreover, homeowners are choosing to create a multi-functional bedroom with a separate sitting area that can double as an office or a gym and even a fireplace.

The Colour Scheme

Did you know that Pantone’s 2013 Colour of the Year is emerald? However, will we start to see this colour appearing in bedrooms up and down the UK? It’s really a matter of personal taste. Increasingly homeowners still opt for neutral colours for their interior decor. From creams to whites and even greys, the clean fresh look is still one that’s highly desired.

What if you want to inject some personality into your home with decor that reflects your personal taste? Well, in addition to emerald green, rich rose red is riding a wave of renewed interest in all bedroom decors at the moment. Promoting luxury and opulence, these deep colours are proving to be highly desired with homeowners.

Commercial Inspiration

As mentioned previously bedrooms are no longer for sleeping in. One of the hottest trends for 2013 is turning your bedroom into an upmarket hotel. This commercially-inspired trend is one that reflects our desire for flexible living.

Gone are the days of fills, patterns, elegantly decorated, lace-inspired curtains. Today, homeowners favour layered textures such as white linen and silk, complete with that neutral colour scheme. This decor is suited to both men and women.

In keeping with the commercially-inspired theme high, upholstered headboards, often fixed directly to the wall, are now replacing traditional wood bed frames, whilst footboards are now becoming less and less common for a better view of an integrated TV and media centre.

Carpeting throughout the bedroom is a thing of the past. Homeowners are opting for dark hardwood floors. With their increased durability, flexibility and perceived home value, many homeowners favour them over carpets.

 Anyone considering redecorating their home should consider drawing inspiration from the following tips. They will surely give you that peaceful and tranquil environment that will promote restful sleep, and ultimately improve the quality of your life.

Created on 19th November 2013
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