JAN 16, 2014

The Top Five Home Decorating Tips for 2014

At the dawn of 2014 homeowners across the UK will have resolved to brighten up tired areas of the home with a fresh and original look and design. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. With such a dense decorating colour palette and wealth of soft furnishings to choose form daunting decorating prospects can put your head in a spin.

Here is a brief guide to the top five tips home decorating tips of 2014. Whether you wish to remain bang on trend, or if you’re stumped for ideas, the following should provide you with inspiration to turn your home into the oasis of your own design.

Brass Metal

If you only incorporate one trending design element to your home in 2014 then make it brass metal. Metal works well in large or smaller spaces and can be used effectively in almost any room in the home. Go against the grain and instead of choosing ceramic sinks choose a brass one. Not only is brass one of the hottest interior decor trends at the moment it can be matched with smaller soft furnishings such as picture frames and vases in the bathroom.

Go one step further and be really bold – choose brass chairs for the dining room!

Add a touch of elegance with luxury with exquisite Fabrics

Adding those little touches of luxury to your home is important. One of the simplest ways of doing this is to place plush fabrics throughout the living areas. The use of velvet throughout any living areas will give your home an instant touch of lavishness.

Use Bright Colours

One of the most talked about trends of 2014 is the use of bright, vivid colours throughout the home. Over recent times neutral colours have dominated the home. This trend appears to be coming to an end. Add some character to any room in the home by painting the walls with bright colours. Primary colours of different shades are proving popular.

Wall Stickers

No longer are wall stickers simply for kids. Today they are considered to be an affordable and interesting way of adding some character to any room in the home.

Tired of looking at your bland, neutral wall colour? Why not use a different colour scheme and wall stickers to brighten up the space? Yellow and red colours will make you feel more energetic, and a few wall stickers will make the room more homely and fun.

Vintage Furniture

It’s been predicted that one of the biggest trends of 2014 will be the use of vintage furniture. In addition to be at the height of trending, vintage furniture is, generally speaking, much sturdier and of a higher quality, compared to flat pack assembly furniture.

By following these five tips you will be able to truly make your house into a home that you’ll be proud to live in – and show off!


Created on 16th January 2014
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