APR 25, 2014

How to make your small bedroom or kitchen feel larger

No one likes to feel closed in. Especially in our own homes. But we can’t all afford luxury houses with huge bedrooms and kitchens.

Thankfully, you can make a small room look and feel much larger. There are a few tricks that aren’t difficult to do.

Here we’re going to look at them.

The colour: If the room is covered in dark colours like grey and black, it’s going to feel smaller.

Why? Because they’re colours that absorb light. And light is the most important factor when making a room appear larger.

So go for lighter colours. Colours that’ll reflect the light entering a room and bounce it back. Yellows, blues, greens. Don’t hinder a room with the wrong colour choice.

Let there be light: As we said, light is the most important factor here. So get as much in the room as you can. Natural light is often the best choice. So if you can, have windows put in, or even better, a skylight. Not only will this flood the room with a natural light, but it’ll help you cut on energy costs too.

If you can’t install a window or skylight, then you’ll have to settle for artificial. There are a number of lights created to flood a room, so look for ones that’ll work best.

Consider your light placement too.

Mirrors: Now you’ve got plenty of light coming into the room, it’s time to bounce it into those dark corners. A well placed mirror can work wonders.

Find the best source of light in the room, and find where it’s most often focused. This is where you should place the mirror. It’ll fill the room with light making it feel much, much larger.

De-clutter: And lastly, get rid of the clutter. A minimalistic room will always feel much bigger than one crammed to the rafters. Remove obstructive furniture, get rid of items you don’t need.

Make it feel airy!

Making a small room appear larger isn’t magic. And it isn’t hard to do. It just takes a little time and patience! 

Created on 25th April 2014
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