DEC 13, 2013

How make the most of your kitchen space

Creating the perfect kitchen space is one of the principal requirements of any homeowner. Today the space is considered to be far more than a food preparation area. It’s a room to entertain, a room to spend some quality time with the family and a room to relax and enjoy good food. With that in mind having the perfect kitchen space is of the utmost importance to homeowners – here’s a few tips on how you can create it.

Small Kitchens

For small kitchens design is paramount. If you’ve limited space, magic corners and hanging racks can make all the difference. Leave the floor as clear as possible and opt for large tiles or narrow plinths. Keep the decor simple and use reflective surfaces like glass worktops and splashbacks. Too much colour will crowd the room.

Illuminate the space with the right lighting

Many kitchens will have a window designed into the room but it may not provide suitable lighting for the room. Under cabinet spotlights will illuminate the darkest areas of the room, and plinth lighting is an effective way to suitably keep the room bright.

Top Tip: the use of simple units and efficient storage will increase the size of the area and provide that clean and simple look that’s highly desired.

L-Shaped Kitchens

L-Shaped kitchens are very versatile. Running along two runs of adjacent kitchen walls the working triangle provides simple and effective access to the appliances and storage spaces. Colour on the units or splashbacks will make the room feel warmer and more inviting. Darker colours on reflective surfaces will add depth to the kitchen.

Top Tip: a drop leaf table is a great space saving solution. Be daring with your choice of colour or paper on the walls, and you could even add a portable workstation.

U-Shaped Kitchens

The U-Shaped kitchen is traditionally one of the more popular kitchen designs. The three wall units provide practical storage space and with the cooker and fridge at either end with the sink in the centre the space is very easy to navigate.

Slim Work Surfaces

If space to navigate the kitchen is limited then by installing slim work surfaces you allow could resolve the issue. With less than fifty centimetres in depth, these work surfaces offer a good sense of space.

Top Tip: Opt for a neutral colour palette. This will enhance the feeling of space.

Kitchen Islands

If you’ve substantial space in the kitchen then the introduction of an island will add an extra dimension to the space and provide you with additional surfaces. The triangle design is also perfect for entertaining.

Islands provide a focal point

The KBSA (Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association) advise that by opting for a different colour or material to rest the kitchen units you create a good focal point for the room. By hanging pendants from the ceiling you’ll make the breakfast bar stand out.

Top Tip: Island kitchens tend to be high traffic areas. Make sure that you choose hard-wearing flooring like limestone.

By following these simple tips you’ll have a kitchen space that’s both functional and well-designed.

Created on 13th December 2013
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