OCT 31, 2013

Five Kitchen Trends For 2013

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where families gather to break bread and spend some quality time together.

Bespoke kitchen design is on the rise. Just flipping through the pages of any home and living magazine you’ll find an abundance of contemporary and traditional kitchen designs which will surely give you some food for thought. 

With such a wealth of choice just where do you start? Well, design and contracting experts the country over agree that there are five hot kitchen trends for 2013.

Countertops are more than just surfaces to place your condiments

A kitchen should be functional and have a pleasant aesthetic look. Experts agree that quartz countertops are all the range in 2013. Offering superior durability and a large palette of colours to choose from, as well as the ability to shape the surface to suit any environment, and with the ability to embed colours or designs directly into the surface, quartz countertops make a statement, and offer you an opportunity to stamp your personality on the kitchen.

Reface your kitchen cabinets

Award-winning designers agree that an ideal way to rejuvenate a tired looking kitchen is to reface the kitchen cabinets. Replacing kitchen cabinets is very costly. A more economical alternative is choosing to resurface your kitchen cabinets.

Experts agree that those choosing to resurface kitchen cabinets are bang on trend. Contemporary designs are proving the most popular with consumers. Their clean and uncluttered design reflects the simple and orderly lives that are highly desired in today’s modern world.

Stylise your kitchen sink

The simple addition of a stylish kitchen sink can drastically change the look of your kitchen. 2013 has seen deep bowls remain the most popular choice for consumers. Sinks with deep bowls are, on the whole, preferred to other designs as they can accommodate larger pots and pans. Additionally, Homeowners generally prefer single bowl sinks to double bowls.

Current trends reflect the popularity of stainless steel sinks. Offering increased durability and flexibility stainless steel sinks also mesh well with both traditional and contemporary cabinets.

For that clean and refined finish to your kitchen choose hardwood flooring

For those considering re-modelling their kitchens the flooring is occasionally an afterthought. Getting the most out of the space that you have, and sourcing appliances whilst keeping to your budget features more prominently in consumer’s minds. But, don’t forget the importance of the flooring.

In 2013 experts universally agree that hardwood floors remain the most desirable with consumers. Lighter shades of wood flooring are on the rise. Such flooring will compliment a large range of kitchen cabinet and appliance designs and colours. Washed floors are also experiencing resurgences in popularity, but with a twist. Those floors with a wider plank and hand scraping provide that ‘beach feel’ which is highly attractive to customers.

Choose the right appliances for easy living 

Appliances are also one of the largest financial outlays when re-modelling a kitchen. Choosing the right built-in oven, stove and fridge for your needs is a decision not to be taken lightly. Commercial-style built in appliances are proving to be very fashionable, as are double-duty appliances such as a built in oven and microwave.

Additionally, warming drawers, refrigerators with convertible drawers, and piping hot tap water dispensers are favoured by those that desire easy and convenient living. Indeed, consumers are now able to completely tailor the design of their kitchen to their own needs and lifestyle.

If you’re considering re-modelling your kitchen then these five tips will set your one the way to achieving that functional and elegance kitchen that completely meets your needs.

Created on 31st October 2013
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