SEP 24, 2013

Elite kitchens and bedrooms for elite people

The kitchen is the heart of the home. The bedroom is where we all rest our weary bones after a hard day’s work. It could be argued that these are the two most important rooms in the home, and the two rooms in the home that deserve the most attention, luxury and comfort.

Whenever anyone moves into a new property one of the priorities is to stamp your mark on the living and sleeping areas of your new home. Designing an elegant and functional eatery and a bedroom that’s both relaxing and warm is essential. By using the skills of a kitchen and bedroom designer you will surely get the kitchen and bedroom of your dreams.

Storage, space, functionality, and warmth are the four features that are at the heart of anyone’s top ten lists when thinking about the design of their future kitchen or bedroom. These are what kitchen and bedroom designers must bear in mind when they undertake any project – and the boxes that they must tick after the design has been settled and the installation begins.

For many of us the idea of a country kitchen, complete with all the latest mod-cons is the dream. Here are a range of basic ideas to make sure that you’ll enjoy cooking ever single meal in your new kitchen.

Firstly, use the space that is available to you cleverly. Curved walls are an intelligent design feature, not only are they less obtrusive as traditional square units, they offer plenty of storage space and add interest and reflect light.

Secondly, opting for muted shades when you choose your kitchen units will bring colour and personality to your kitchen without being overpowering. A light sage green colour is popular and mirrors the tone of the room quite nicely.

Thirdly, highlighting original features incorporated into the new kitchen design you will have a nice marriage of old and new. This tasteful approach to design has become highly popular and is a good way of adding character and individuality to any kitchen. If you choose a Range cooker then set the design into the chimney. This provides a great focal point in the room.

When it comes to designing that oasis of peace and tranquillity many of us have our own designs on what makes the perfect bedroom. Whether you feel a splash of colour is needed to inject some personality into your bedroom, or a clean white or cream finish is most appropriate, it cannot be argued that of all the rooms in the home, bedrooms are most likely to have that personality stamp. Reds and pinks have a fun and passionate feel, and make the room seem warmer on those cool winter days. If the bedroom suffers from poor natural light then lighter shades of pinks and reds add the light that you need.

Very pale pebble shades – neutral colours and very light greys are thought to make the room feel relaxing and peaceful. It’s easy to co-ordinate your decor with these lighter colours, a grey throw draped across a cream bed, with a light shade of walls is most inviting and restful.

Finally, if you have a bedroom that requires a good deal of storage space to accommodate your clothing and belongings then it’s worth considering innovative storage ideas. Mirrored wardrobes do blend easily into the room and reflect light giving the illusion of more space. If your wardrobes are very tall by painting the wall above them a chocolate or darker colour you will, visually, lower the ceiling and make the room appear less overpowered with storage.

By following these basic design tips you’ll surely find that you’ll have a kitchen or a bedroom that you’ve love entertaining in or resting your head after a long, hard day.

Created on 24th September 2013
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