MAR 4, 2014

Decorate your bedroom to get a better night’s sleep

Many people don’t get enough sleep. They get up early, go to bed early, alter their diet, try medication. But still, the land of nod won’t come. And this has a negative impact on day to day life.

But did you know that you can make a few alterations to your bedroom, to help get a better night’s sleep? Here we’re going to show you 4things you can do to your bedroom to get a better night’s sleep.

The bed – The first thing you’ll want to look at is your bed. That is the place you’re laying your head to rest after all. So if you aren’t getting enough sleep, this might be one of the biggest causes. You’re going to want to look to change your mattress every 5 to 7 years. If you’ve had it longer than this then it’s probably stained and uncomfortable.

Invest in high quality pillows too. If you aren’t properly supported, sleep won’t come as easy. Make sure you fit in the bed too!

The colour – Yes, the colour of the room can affect your sleep. But which colours are right?

A study by the Travlelodge points towards blue being the colour that helps people sleep best. But we say this – paint the room a colour that makes you feel relaxed. We’re all different, and we each react differently to colours. Although it’s important to note that vibrant colours like bright pinks won’t help you sleep.

Lighting – We’re always hoping for sunlight in the day. It improves our mood, boosts productivity and gives us a cracking tan. But it can disrupt sleep too. If it creeps through your curtains early in the morning, it can wake you up a little earlier than you’d like. So make sure that you invest in some thick curtains and quality blinds!

Artificial light can be a problem too. So avoid TV light from the hall or leaving the landing light on when you sleep.

De-clutter – One of the biggest killers of a good night sleep is bedroom clutter. We get in from work, toss our suit onto the floor and head to the living room for tea. I’ll clean the bedroom at the weekend.

But that mess can have a seriously negative effect on sleep. So organise, clean, and de-clutter. You’ll sleep so much better for it.

Here at Elite Kitchens & Bedrooms we can provide bespoke fitted bedrooms to meet your requirements. So if you aren’t getting enough sleep and have designed a bedroom that’ll help, contact us today! 

Created on 4th March 2014
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