MAY 23, 2014

Common DIY accidents

Many homeowners look for ways to save money on their home improvements and one of the best ways to do this is by performing DIY. Power tools make light work of DIY tasks but care has to be taken when you are operating saws and other powered equipment. Always follow the manufacturer’s safety guide, adopt safe working practices and take good care when you have a power tool in your hands.

We’ve drawn up a top five list of the most common accidents involving DIY tools according to the Home Accident Surveillance System just to make you aware of the dangers.

  1. Knives and scalpels - At the top of the list for DIY based accidents are incidents involving sharp instruments such as knives with an average of 21,300 reported cases. Carpet cutting and cable trimming are common examples of DIY tasks that go drastically wrong, take extra care performing these actions to avoid becoming a statistic.
  2. Saws – Around 15, 000 people have accidents with saws each year as they perform DIY tasks. Most involve the saw slipping when cutting through wood so take extra care and make sure you have a firm grip on the saw and the wood is nice and secure.
  3. Grinders - 6,400 people are involved with grinder-related incidents, this might be caused by the grinder slipping or sparks from metal flying into the eye. Again, extra care should be taken when using a grinder, safety goggles and gloves should always be worn.
  4. Hammers – Out of all the DIY tools you have in your toolbox the hammer will probably get the most use. Take your eye off the game for a minute and it’s easy to hammer the nail in your thumb instead of a nail in a wall, it’s painful and could result in a trip to casualty, along with the other 5, 799 people that have accidents with hammers each year.
  5. Chisels – Yep the humble chisel falls in at number five in our list and it causes 3,900 accidents each year.  Again, accidents with chisels could be avoided, take care and work the wood instead of your hand.

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Created on 23rd May 2014
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