JUN 24, 2014

7 things every kitchen needs

You’ve just had a new kitchen designed and installed by us here at Elite. You’re in love with it.

But now you need to make it your kitchen. Unique to you. It needs populating with all the must have kitchen items. But what are they? Obviously, there’s your cutlery and plates, but what else?

Let’s take a look...

The slow cooker – Perfect for those of you who don’t have time to whip up a healthy meal in the evening. Ideal for soups and stews they’re also great for simmering lean cuts of meat. Plus, they’re healthier because of a lower fat content!

Salad spinner – Dry your greens, enjoy a better flavour, have great fun. There isn’t much a salad spinner doesn’t offer. An essential for any kitchen.

Blender – Don’t you just hate mashing potatoes, and chopping up ingredients for soups? Then make that hate a thing of the past with a blender. You’ll save vital minutes and you won’t need to pull a muscle every time you want mashed potatoes.

Grill/Press – If there’s one thing that can transform the way you cook it’s a grill. Whether you’re simply looking to make a grilled cheese sandwich or you want to get a steak going, this guy will work as your saving grace.

The chopping board – No kitchen would be complete without the trusty chopping board. You could go for the standard plastic, but wood is always the better option. Some say it retains flavours, so when you’re chopping your veg up next time, you can expect and amalgamation.

Knife set – Whilst we’re on the subject of chopping, don’t forget to pick up a good knife set. You don’t want to try and chop up a steak with a butter knife now, do you?

A microwave – Okay, so it’s essential but it’s going to make life a lot easier in the kitchen. Especially when you want to warm up last night’s dinner. Just try to avoid those microwaveable meals!

What are your kitchen essentials? Have we missed anything off the list? Let us know! 

Created on 24th June 2014
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